Our mission at Cross Point is to help people connect with God, develop healthy families, and share the love of Jesus with our communities. 

In summary... Helping people connect with God, family, and the community.

we believe

  • God wants a relationship with every person on Earth, no matter their past, and He's offered a way to connect to Him through Jesus.
  • The Bible was inspired by God, and is the flawless, complete, living Word of God. If the Bible says it, we believe it.
  • God wants to embolden and support all believers through His Holy Spirit.
  • One day, every Christian will go to be with God forever, either through death or with the return of Jesus to the world.

Those are just the basics. Want to know more? Get the full story HERE.


Cross Point had its beginning in 1934 as a Four Square Church. During the early years, the church met in various locations- from rented buildings to tents. In 1939 the church chartered as Paola Assembly of God with 15 charter members. Fast forward to 2008, when the church made the decision to transition its name from Paola Assembly of God to Cross Point Church. This transition came because God has allowed the church to be an influence not only in Paola, but also in the local region and around the world. 

Today, Cross Point is made up of people from all walks of life, worshiping God, and doing life together on a weekly basis.