what is 56?

56 (fifty-six) is a special service just for 5th and 6th graders to connect, grow, and worship in an environment just for them!

Growing up is fun and exciting, but can also be hard at times...especially as a preteen. Some moments they still act like kids, and other moments they they want to show you how mature they are. 56 is specifically designed to engage students right where they're at. 

Come explore what it looks like to follow Jesus right now in the midst of it all!

QUESTIONS? Email Pastor Annika | youth@cpchurch.tv

One SUNDAY per month at 10am during service

Youth Building | Doors open at 9:45am

Drop off and Pick-up Students in the Youth Building

Dates for 2021-22 School Year

Sept. 19

Nov. 14

Jan. 16

Feb. 20

Mar. 20

April 24

May 29